¿En qué contexto se usa la palabra averiguar

Averiguar es una palabra bastante común en el idioma español y se puede usar en diversos contextos. En general, la palabra tiene el significado de «descubrir» o «investigar». A continuación se presentan algunos ejemplos de cómo se puede usar la palabra averiguar en una oración.

1. Voy a averiguar qué pasó.
In this sentence, the speaker is saying that they are going to find out what happened. This might be in reference to an event that they witnessed or heard about.

2. ¿Por qué no averiguas tú mismo?
In this sentence, the speaker is telling the person they are talking to that they should find out for themselves. This could be in response to a question or simply as a way of telling someone to be more proactive.

3. Averigüé que mi hermano estaba mintiendo.
In this sentence, the speaker is saying that they discovered that their brother was lying. This is usually said after finding out information that contradicts what someone has previously said.